"The truth that an Avatar Master teaches does not require a name, for it does not pass through the world, but is the loving model of willingness to share consciousness."
-- Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar® Materials

This page lists Avatar Masters who deliver
Avatar in the Austin area.

To see more information about a master, click on their name.

Blair Jacob 512.585.8199 blair@feelaliveavatar.com
Dev Kirn Khalsa 512.447.7460 devkirn@earthlink.net
Shakti Khalsa 512.447.8560 shakti4@earthlink.net
Cata Low 512.266.7098 catalow@earthlink.net
Karen O'Neal 512.402.1164 karen@DiscoverAvatar.com
Tim Sample 512.917.5610 cheyenne1080@yahoo.com

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e-mail michele@avatarlouisiana.com for more details.

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